Bold. Edgy. Vibrant.
Illustration & Design.

Independent Illustrator and Designer Leah Sayles creates bold, edgy illustrations and graphic art for a wide variety of commercial and personal means that allow imaginative fantasies to turn into vibrant realities. 


Leah works with a variety of themes, based on her multifaceted capabilities and clients. With three years of freelance illustration and design experience following eight years of experience on in-house marketing teams in a variety of capacities, she has helped communicate story through a variety of creative means in order to engage and inspire since 2011. 


Leah has a background in fine arts and design and holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. She founded her own creative studio in 2018 to provide high-quality illustrations and unique storytelling to fellow human beings. 


In 2019, Leah relocated her creative studio to Atlanta, Georgia. From there, she works remotely with clients from across the United States on a wide range of projects from book illustrations to mural and brand designs to original character concepts, pop culture portraits, and more. When she is not working on client-based projects, she is working on illustrations focused on pop culture/events, portraiture/characters, witch lore, astrology, and other fantastical themes.


When she is not busy creating, Leah loves to start her day with a fresh cup of coffee and, in her spare time, tends to get lost in sci-fi and fantasy books, loves to host game nights, and stays in tune with her spiritual side via daily tarot. In addition to working with her freelance clients, she is currently acquiring her Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration from the University of Hartford low-residency program, with a graduation date of July 2023.

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Editorial Illustration


Accompanying Design Services available, including editorial, marketing, promotional, 
and/or advertising design for print and digital mediums.

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