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  • Leah Sayles

2020: Artist Year in Review

What a ride! Most of us thought 2020 was going to be a year of leveling up for our personal and professional goals. Instead, we all know what smacked us straight in the face – Covid! No conventions or festivals, no professional retreats, no in-person networking... Thousands dying. A life of quarantine, masking up, and staying as healthy as we can.

It was a long year.

Although 2020 wasn't the year we thought it would be, I have been able to strengthen myself, my relationships, my artwork, and have learned more about my artistic goals. From here, let's take a look at some of my favorite projects and artistic achievements from 2020:

2020 Achievements

Coming in 2021

  • Brand New Shop Launch – Commission Slots, Prints / Stickers, Licensing, & More! (Spring)

  • Illustrated Vinyl Murals (2) for Shenandoah University (Spring/Summer)

  • 'A is for... Awesome!' Children's Book (Summer 2020)

  • New art! & More!

I hope that 2021 finds everyone happier, healthier, and remaining safe. Hopefully, we will all receive more opportunities to grow and build our communities back. better. More art coming, always.


Thank you to everyone who has taken time to read this artist journal, and who continues to support my work by following me on any of my social media ( IG | Tw | FB ), subscribing to my monthly newsletter, and/or supporting me through Patreon or my web shop.

For more information about my process, or to inquire with an illustration project, visit my website or contact me at artforsayles [at] gmail [dot] com.

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