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  • Leah Sayles

'Covoirs' Illustration Featured on the Back Cover of the Fall SVA Newsletter

As a freelance artist, I continue to educate myself and grow through experience and networking. Earlier this year (in large part due to Covid19), I decided to take advantage of the plethora of online learning opportunities that many higher education institutions have been offering in 2020.

That being said, at the beginning of June, I started taking several continuing education courses virtually at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and had the amazing opportunity to work with both Steven Brodner and Grant Shaffer. One of the pieces created during my courses was a piece I dubbed 'Covoirs' – the Covid Memoirs. This piece was the first of it's kind for me, in both theme and creative process.

It was a breakthrough, and the faculty at SVA could see that. Out of the many amazing pieces submitted by faculty to be printed in the SVA Newsletter, my art was selected in September 2020 to be the only student piece printed in the Fall 2020 publication.

Traditionally inked on 12x18" Arches Watercolor paper with India Ink and nib pen. Colored digitally in Procreate.

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