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  • Leah Sayles

Portrait: Greta

One last throwback process Illo & Chill video is in store for the year.

Today, I wanted to share my favorite portrait from 2021: Greta Thunberg for the #OurPlanetWeek drawing challenge. Playing around with line balance, shape, and coloring outside the lines earlier this year was a lot of fun for me here and helped influence some newer works.

As we welcome in a new year, let’s be like Greta, trying to educate and work together to inspire change and hope.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to read this artist journal, and who continues to support my work by following me on any of my social media ( IG | Tw | FB | Youtube ), subscribing to my monthly newsletter, and/or supporting me through Patreon or my web shop.

For more information about my process, or to inquire with an illustration project, visit my website or contact me at artforsayles [at] gmail [dot] com.

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