• Leah Sayles

Support Artists this Pandemic Season

It's a really weird time right now, that's for sure. Events are being canceled left and right, and that means less opportunity, less growth. Luckily, many of the pivotal events I will be attending this year are scheduled after June, permitting that this pandemic doesn't last that long. 

But what if it does?

We can't worry too much about that, and instead have to focus on moving forward and adapting. While our global community figures out this pandemic, I will be hosting a Shop & Commission sale through the end of March, outlined below and in the above image :

+25% Off All Web Shop Purchases ( +40% Off Purchases Over $100 ( +10% Off Digital Art Commissions (email

I know there are many who are struggling during this time, but for those who have the ability, support artists, contractors, and freelancers this pandemic season!

Stay healthy & safe everyone!

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