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The Astrotarot Process is Coming to Patreon!

Hello everyone! Time to check-in and update y'all on everything going on in this wild ride of an illustration life!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of realigning when it comes to my work and process. This has included creating a brand new studio space, as well really learning to combine all of the creative skills that I’ve picked up over the past decade of professional creative work. This also means realigning the work and refining the business behind it.

My #1 priority is working hard on my BIG project: The Astrotarot Deck.

This tarot deck emphasizes the connection and correlation between traditional Astrology symbolism and traditional Rider Waite tarot symbolism, which were originally correlated in the 1880’s. These connections add to the depth of meaning in traditional tarot readings.

Although there are some texts describing the correlations, many still outline the astrology definitions and tarot definitions separately. My challenge is to create both the illustrations and the text for a tarot deck that describes these correlations in an all-encompassing way, inclusive of both astrological and traditional tarot meanings.

You mean I get to dive in and combine my love of research, writing, AND the ultimate love of illustration?! DEAL.

Another cool thing? I’ll be posting about it on my Patreon first from here on out!

I’ve decided to be relatively quiet about describing this process on social media, although small snippets can be found on my TikTok. The focus of my Patreon from here will be the process of this deck! I’ll be sending updates as I move through all 78 cards. The first 12 in the series will focus on the Major Arcana that are specifically associated with the 12 astrological zodiac signs.

The first finished piece is Aquarius / The Star (below). This piece acts as a style template for the remaining pieces, which I’m excited to see come to fruition! In June, I’ll be posting an in-depth process post of Aquarius / The Star for you all to see.

As always, thank you all for your support in my illustration journey. The continued support means the world as I create this new body of work and step into this exciting in-depth project!

Sending good vibes to you in your life, and can't wait to send more updates soon!


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