• Leah Sayles

Wedding Portrait Commission

Over the holiday break earlier this, I was presented with a last minute commission request from a long time Patron: a charcoal wedding portrait for his sister, as an homage to a charcoal drawing she had done at a young age for her parents.

Being charcoal, the drawing process was a blast from the past – as it had been quite some time since experimenting with charcoal as a medium. The great part is, the fun of charcoal is the mess of it all! Overall, I had a wonderful time creating this portrait and hope it brings joy to the newlyweds!

I also wanted to thank patron @Isodante, who commissioned this piece. @Isodante has been continuously supportive of my work since I met him at a convention in fall 2018, and I am so appreciative for the support on and off Patreon. He always brings a variety of fun projects to my studio, and I always look forward to the next potential project! Thank you so much @Isodante!

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to read this artist journal, and who continues to support my work by following me on any of my social media ( IG | Tw | FB ), subscribing to my monthly newsletter, and/or supporting me through Patreon or my web shop.

For more information about my process, or to inquire with an illustration project, visit my website or contact me at artforsayles [at] gmail [dot] com.

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