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What a Weekend! – CreateAthon DC with AIGA

This past weekend, I took part in a 24-hour volunteer design event for Nonprofits in the DC area. I'm currently in Atlanta, but I have family and friends in DC/VA that I was intending to visit when I signed up. However, instead of a 24-hour in-person event, we all got together and did it virtually due to covid.

My team was assigned "Chess Girls DC", and I was specifically in charge of an updated primary logo, new secondary logos, and a set of illustrations/patterns that would be utilized as branding assets (below, in the following order from top left to bottom right: primary logo, secondary logos A and B, chess surface design, chess illustrated branding assets).

Not only was this my first time staying up for 24 hours since college, but I now know that seven cups of coffee in my 27-year-old system can be felt for up to 72 hours afterward.This was a wonderful event with so much heart and I enjoyed creating this beautifully illustrated branding for the Chess Girls DC.

I hope the non-profit businesses are benefitting from our services. Perhaps this event will be in-person again next year. In the meantime, I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy!

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