• Leah Sayles

The Process of a Witchy Woman

In September of 2020, I started taking a course with Scott M. Fischer and Greg Manchess as a part of Smart School: A Smarter Art School. This was an unexpected portion of my year, since I had initially intended to attend Illustration Master Class (IMC) at Amherst University in June of 2020. However, this event was canceled and I was instead offered a spot in a Smart School course.

Through the busy and chaotic nature of 2020, I was able to create one piece of art that will go side-by-side with another piece of work that is still in progress. This piece was a challenge in bettering my design planning and initial drawing before moving forward to the final. The process was extensive, with several rounds of sketches and final drawings, before moving on to the traditional ink work, and then finally moving on to digital color.

During the creation of this piece, I was able to tune in on how I'd like to progress future illustrations and streamline my tradigital process.

The original 10x15" ink work is currently available In the web shop. Color 11x17" prints and high quality stickers coming soon!

See the full inking and color process in the videos below, in additional to major preliminary sketching and process images.

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For more information about my process, or to inquire with an illustration project, visit my website or contact me at artforsayles [at] gmail [dot] com.

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